How We Got Started

Our story begins with our founder LaKeisha’s first pregnancy. A struggle with infertility led to a PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) diagnosis and prompted a complete lifestyle change. While the focus after diagnosis was getting pregnant, LaKeisha soon realized that this was going to a life long battle that had to be managed. 

For many year she focused on the skin issues her condition caused and created a brand called Elements of Aliel. It provided minimalist plant based skincare that also wouldn’t exasperate her PCOS symptoms. 

However after 8 years in skincare LaKeisha decided that to better help women like her she needed to take a wholistic approach to symptom management.  The reality was that managing her skincare issues was about more than the products, it was about the lifestyle. 

That is the goal of Well Beauty Lab, to help women cultivate a lifestyle that supports their well being. Especially women who are struggling to manage the symptoms of PCOS or any other hormonal condition.  

Our Mission

1. To educate and inspire our community to make lifestyle choices that work for them. Through our Podcast, Blog and other events we will provide relevant information that can be easily implemented into daily life. 

2. To help women who are struggling to manage their PCOS symptoms identify the core issues and address them in a way that is consistent with how they desire to live.  Our products and programs are designed to address specific areas of life that are commonly affected by hormonal changes like sleep, skin, stress and physical health. 

3. To create a community of women who uplift, support and inspire one another into being the best versions of themselves. We want to create a space that allow for grace and understanding as we all learn and grow. 

About Our Founder

LaKeisha, now a mom of 3, is a native of Philadelphia. She has always had a deep love of science and making things from scratch. Coupled with her 12 years in biologics manufacturing and clinical research, creating beauty products was an easy transition.
She often attributes her approach to product formulation like that of a baker. It’s about using the best ingredients, in the right proportions to make something truly great.
“My great grandmother taught me how to bake. She never wrote a recipe down, everything was about the feel. However she was adamant about one thing, the ingredients mattered. You couldn’t use just any butter in her biscuits, it had to be Crisco because that was the best. I carry that same philosophy with me today when I formulate. I can’t use just any oil, it has to be the best!”
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