How We Got Started

Our story begins with our founder LaKeisha’s first pregnancy. A struggle with infertility led to a PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) diagnosis and prompted a complete lifestyle change. While the focus after diagnosis was getting pregnant, LaKeisha soon realized that this was going to a life long battle that had to be managed. 

For many year she focused on the skin issues her condition caused and created a brand called Elements of Aliel. It provided minimalist plant based skincare that also wouldn’t exasperate her PCOS symptoms. However after 8 years in skincare LaKeisha realized that she could be of better service to her community. Helping women take better care of their skin was great, but what about the rest of their body? She realized that beauty was only a small part of being well.

That is what inspired the shift to Well Beauty Lab,  a desire to help women, particularly mothers of young children, cultivate sustainable wellness routines so that they can thrive. 

Our Mission

1. To educate and inspire our community to make lifestyle choices that work for them. Through our Podcast, Blog and other events we will provide inspiration and information to help you build your own wellness routine. 

2. To help moms who are struggling to find that balance between their needs and the needs of their family.  Our products and programs are designed to address specific areas of life that are commonly affected by parenting  like sleep, stress, mental and physical health. 

3. To create a community of women who uplift, support and inspire one another into being the best versions of themselves. We want to create a space that allows for grace and understanding as we all learn and grow.

About Our Founder

LaKeisha was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and now resides in Montgomery County, PA with her husband and their 3 daughters. LaKeisha has always had a deep love of science and making things from scratch. Coupled with her 12 years in biologics manufacturing and clinical research, creating beauty products was an easy transition.

Now with her most recent transition into wholistic wellness LaKeisha channels the lessons of her maternal grandmother who was an avid believer in herbal medicine. She says, “The kitchen was her pharmacy and while it didn’t always taste good, it always worked”. While LaKeisha believes that things don’t have to taste bad to be good for you, she does believe that our health is a function of what we do daily not just when things go wrong. 

Inspired by her own struggles managing the symptoms of PCOS and the struggles of taking care of yourself when you have young children, LaKeisha is here to share all that she has learned, hoping to inspire a few people along the way. 

Fouonder LaKeisha A Entsuah with her oldest daughter

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