7 Lessons I Have Learned In My 37 Years of Life

It’s a celebration. On today’s episode host LaKeisha Entsuah is celebrating her 37th birthday and sharing seven lessons she has learned over her life. Tune in for some words of wisdom as LaKeisha reflects on the journey that she has taken thus far and how she plans to carry those lessons into the future.

Legacy Thought of the Week: Don’t forget to celebrate yourself. Not just on special occasions but whenever you feel like it.  

Highlights of the Episode

1:25 – Thought of The Week

3:17 – Lesson 1: Your feelings are valid

5:00 –  Lesson 2: It’s ok not to be ok

7:05 – Lesson 3:vTime does not heal all wounds

9:30 – Lesson 4: You will never make everyone happy

12:29 – Lesson 5:  Perfection is the enemy of progress

17:45 – Lesson 6: Your greatest friendships are determined by time

21:34 – Lesson 7: Don’t be afraid to define your own normal

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