Conscious Manifestation with Brittany Fagan

In today’s episode host LaKeisha Entsuah chats with Brittany Fagan, a licensed clinical social worker and mindset coach who expertly empowers women to break through their mindset traps to embody their highest selves with passion, purpose, and profit. Brittany is here to help us understand the basics of conscious manifestation and how we can use it to get to our next level. 

Legacy Thought of the Week

If you can control your mind your can control your world!

Episode Highlights

1:23 – Thought of the week.

4:04 – Manifestation vs Goal Setting

8:45 – Step 1 to Concious Manisfestation

13:10 – Self Sabatoge

22:14 – Big “T” and Little “t” Trauma 

28:03 – What It Means To Be Well

About Brittany

Brittany is a dynamic duo Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified  Abundance Mindset Coach with over 10 years of experience. She is the proud owner of EPIC WOMAN, a counseling and coaching sisterhood where she empowers women to break through their mindset traps and creates their most desired legacy of womanhood with purpose, passion, and profit. Using her powerful EPIC Woman Framework, everyday women tap into their authentic ambition with deep healing, mindset mastery, and conscious manifestation. Her mission is to create and hold space for women to embody their absolute worth and deservingness to become liberated as their highest selves. She truly believes that everything starts with an empowered woman!

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