Creating Better Connections with Dr. Gloria Lee

Relationships are a complicated but necessary aspect of the human experience. It is the coming together of two or more people who each bring their own perspective, experience, and idiosyncrasies. When it comes to romantic relationships, they are further complicated by the emotions that we bring into the situation. 

In this episode host, LaKeisha Entsuah talks to Dr. Gloria Lee, psychologist, author, and relationship expert about the need for better connections and how we can obtain them, especially in our romantic partnerships. Dr. Lee shares her insights on how the experiences of our family of origin inform how we relate to our partners plus when is the right time to start couples therapy. 

Legacy Thought of the Week: To foster deeper connection we must have deeper self-reflection. 

Highlights of the Episode

1:05 – Thought of the Week

3:47 – Why Study Relationships

7:14 – Is It You Or Your Baggage

13:10 – Pre-Marital Counseling

22:34- Being Proactive In Your Relationship 

25:52 – Definition of A Healthy Relationship

About Dr. Lee

Dr. Gloria Lee is a well-respected and trusted authority on relationships, emotional and mental fitness, family and parenting, and leadership. For 24 years, she has been transforming the lives of people from despair and hopelessness to connected and fulfilled. She is a Registered Psychologist, Clinical Director at Brentwood Counselling Centre, best selling and award winning author, professor in counselling psychology, clinical supervisor and trainer for therapists and graduate students, sought after speaker, consultant, and advocate for social justice and mental health.

Dr. Lee’s expertise includes helping stuck couples caught in the vicious cycle of fights to connect in a deeper and closer way. Couples learn the root causes of their conflict and apply simple and effective principles to transform their relationship. Over the years, she has helped countless couples turn their relationship around from conflicted to vitalized. She is the author of the Amazon best-selling and award-winning book, The Kickass Couple: 7 Secrets to Transform Your Relationship. 

Dr. Lee has advanced training in the areas of couples therapy, family therapy, parenting, leadership, depression, anxiety, shame, resiliency, self-compassion, trauma, grief, anger, and neuropsychology. 

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