Friends Supporting Friends with Dr. Kimberly Abney

In this episode host, LaKeisha Entsuah chats with Dr. Kimberly Abney about how we can all be better friends. Dr. Abney shares how her work with children both in and outside of the Philadelphia public school in which she works inspired her to create the Friends Support Friends brand. She also shares how we as parents and mentors can create safe spaces for children and young adults. 

Legacy Thought of the Week: How supportive are you as a friend?

Highlights of the Episode

1:35 – Thought of the Week

3:48 – What is Friends Support Friends

5:27 – The Feel How You Feel Coloring Book

11:34 – The Importance of a mentor

15:31 – Becoming A Mentor

19:10 – Definition of Wellness

About Dr.Abney

Dr. Kimberly Abney was born and raised in the beautiful city of Philadelphia. She is a mother, therapist, educator, and advocate. Through the years, Dr.Abney has had the amazing opportunity to meet various friends and acquaintances. Many of these incredible connections have been life-changing for me and played a significant role in birthing the movement now known as “FriendsSupportFriends” (FSF). It was much more than a phrase and speaks to what has become a lifestyle of genuinely and effortlessly supporting friends.


One of the most impactful parts of this brand and the work FSF does is being able to see this movement both through the lens of children and adults. That's right! No matter what the age…FSF can help others thrive simply through our support. In addition to creating the FriendsSupportFriends brands – Dr. Abney is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and operates and owns her own private practice titled The Right Balance Counseling. Dr. Abney is also CEO/Founder of We Do Realize Every Adolescents Matters (We DREAM) which is geared towards facilitating structured quality programs that provide youth with the skills to develop hope, confidence, and courage to reach their fullest potential. Dr. Abney also runs a mentoring program titled Thank Goodness I am Female (TGIF) held at her alum Bloomsburg University. She has also established a yearly scholarship for inner-city youth that attends Bloomsburg University.

Dr. Kimberly Abney Website

Feel How You Feel Coloring Book

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