Loss and the Holidays

In today’s podcast episode, our founder & Chief Wellness Officer LaKeisha Entsuah discusses healthy ways to deal with grief while heading into the holiday season. 

Podcast Takeaways:

  • Well Beauty Tip of the Week: Learn to be honest with yourself! We have to be able to accept when we need support. Be honest about your own limitations, struggles, and needs. Let’s be intentional about learning to be honest with ourselves!
  • It’s easy to eat your feelings away and I want to encourage us all to move beyond unhealthy habits.
  • The first step to managing holiday grief is to acknowledge your pain. Be honest about the fact that you are struggling so that you can work through the tough time period of grieving. 
  • Journal your thoughts so that you can see what your triggers may be. Journaling also will help you to process what you are feeling. 
  • Allow yourself to get the support that you need. There is nothing wrong with speaking to a therapist or professional and getting them to help you gain some perspective and help you to heal! 
  • Lastly, find the things that bring you joy! This step comes after you’ve allowed yourself to experience the pain. Then you can really do the things that bring you joy!

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