Parenting The Emotional Teenager with Kari O’Driscoll

Adolescence, that interesting time period of a child’s life where they grow and develop into young adults. For parents and educators alike it is a time where we begin to give children more freedom, hoping to prepare them for functioning in the world. It can also be a time that we hope to move through as quickly as possible with little damage to adults or children. 

In today’s episode host LaKeisha Entsuah chats with Kari O’Driscoll, a modern day teenage whisperer who shares with us the nuances of those adolescent years and how to make them more peaceful for parent and child. Kari talks about the importance of knowing your and your child’s communication style and why it is the key difference between tension and harmony. We also explore why too much freedom can be counterproductive to creating capable and independent adults.


Legacy Thought of the Week

The key to any good relationship is communication, but effective communication is not just in the words you say but also in how you say them. 

Episode Highlights

1:23 – Thought of the week.

4:35 – What is the Self Project

5:44 – Why Teenagers

10:37 – Leading With Curiosity

15:13 – Let Them Lead The Conversation

16:00 – Knowing Your Communication Style

19:20 – The Vark Quiz

27:10 – Next Best Step To Improve Communication

31:46 – Where and When to Get Help

About Kari

 Kari O’Driscoll is a mother of two, founder of the self project and author of two created a science-backed curriculum that you can easily use right away in your home or classroom to foster better communication, active student-driven discussions and exercises to build resilience, community, social-emotional intelligence, and understanding.

Vark Quiz

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