The Evolution of Well Beauty Lab

In today’s podcast episode, our very own host shares the journey and experiences that have shaped the development of the Well Beauty Lab. After tuning into this podcast episode, you will leave feeling inspired to create a lifestyle that supports your total wellbeing. 

Podcast Takeaways:

  • Well Beauty Tip of the Week: Sleep deprivation causes your body to remain under rested. That's why it's important to give our bodies enough time to rest to avoid additional stress. 
  • LaKeisha’s journey with polycystic ovarian syndrome during her fertility journey, was the catalyst for creating a life of wellness which led to the creation of the Well Beauty Lab brand. She incorporated exercising, managing stress levels, & increased awareness of what she put into her body.
  • Well Beauty Lab Pillars include: Living well, eating well, and glowing well. 
  • Goal is to cultivate a lifestyle that supports your well being. That may look different depending on your needs. Take time to get to know your body. Then make a plan that works for you and stick with it. You want a sustainable routine. Hold yourself accountable, be consistent, but still give yourself grace. 
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