The Power of Breathing with Iona Holloway

We don’t often think about our breathing, but the intentional act of breathwork is one of the most potent and readily available wellness tools available to us today. On this week’s episode, host LaKeisha Entsuah chats with Iona Hollaway, best-selling author, breathwork coach, and founder of the Soul app, about the power of breathwork. 

Iona shares how uncomplicated the practice can be and why it may be a better option than meditation for connecting with your inner self. She also breaks down the different ways breathwork can be helpful for us as we navigate the ups and downs of our day. 

Legacy Thought Of The Week

How connected are you to your soul? The part of you that makes you human.

Highlights From The Episode

1:40 – Thought of The Week

5:56 – What is breathwork?

11:06 – What breathwork does to your mind and body. 

17:16 – Is it better than therapy?

25:57 – Defining What It Means To Be Well

About Iona

Iona Holloway is a best-selling author, coach, and speaker. At Brave Thing, I help strong women do the inner work to find their blindspots so they can burn brighter and braver in their lives, work, and relationships. I teach this stuff with all the heart and guts I’ve got because, trust me, life wasn’t feeling good around here for a long time.

When Iona founded Brave Thing, she channeled all the energy that was used to loop in pain and suffering into creating the experiences, support, and books I wished existed when I needed them most. Brave Thing is where you can get the truth and tools you need to reclaim your body, worth, and gifts in kind, blunt, and creative ways. It’s unfussy, open, honest, and endlessly in process. And yes, brave.

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