Wellness Over 40 with Amy F White

Saying “I’m over 40” is like saying, “Everything I did for my health up to this point doesn’t matter.” If you feel things aren’t working like they used to, this episode is for you. I had the opportunity to chat with Amy White. She’s an anti-aging nutritionist she gets straight to the heart of how you can look and feel younger – starting now!

The “Legacy Thought of The Week: “does your body need a tune-up?”

As I chatted with Amy, I thought about how our bodies are a lot like cars, they need the right fuel, regular maintenance, and sometimes a more extensive tuensuremake sure they arecorrectly properly.

I know that when my car breaks down, it is usually because one of these three things has occurred:

1) I didn’t change the oil regularly (this kills engines)

2) I didn’t properly maintain the engine (this can cause poor performance)

3) I ran something through the engine that caused damage (for example, not changing the air filter or not driving over 3000 miles between oil changes).

Healthy living is similar to this. If you want to, you must ensuret make sure that you are taking care of yourself in all areas: emotional, mental, and physical. You need to get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly. When you do this, your body will work better and last longer!

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