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The Pleasure Principle with Tara Galleano

Tara Galeano Well Beauty Lab Podcast
Tara Galeano WBL Podcast

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Intimacy is the ability to be seen and the ability to see another…with this characteristic of vulnerability. 

Live Well Tip of the Week: How well do you know what you find pleasurable? If you’re not sure you should take the time to find out. 

 In this episode our guest is Tara Galeano, clinical sexologist, licensed clinical therapist and sexual empowerment coach. Tara is here to help up understand what it means to experience sexual pleasure, get in tune with our own bodies and take back control over out sexual experiences. She is the author of Rediscovering My Body which teaches us how to show up for pleasure. Tara offers unique couple’s retreats, and ceremonial, sensual journeys that open doors to new experiences and communication with oneself and partners.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

6:06 – What is a clinical sexologist?

8:40 – Where does sex fit in with wellness?

11:40 – What is the difference between sex and intimacy?

14:23 – Preparing The Next Generation

18:50 – How do we discover pleasure for ourselves?

24:25 – Where to look for help

27:26 – What is a sexual empowerment coach?

32:08 – Finding pleasure 101

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Grab your copy of the Wisdom Journal here

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WBL Podcast: Behind Frenemy Lines with Dr. Amber Tichnor

Dr. Amber Tichnor WBl Podcast
wbl podcast amber

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Sometimes we can’t recognize what is happening in the moment. It is often more clear in hindsight but listen to your body it may be trying to tell you if something is off. 

Live Well Tip of the Week: You can’t force anyone to like you and you shouldn’t try. Not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to be your friend. That’s ok!

In this episode, our guest Dr. Amber Tichnor. Amber is the To Be Coaching and Consulting, a women’s rivalry coach, and author of the book Behind Frenemy Lines.  Amber is committed to helping women recognize and release their frenemies so they can rediscover their truths, communicate their needs and build empowering. Amber breaks down how rivalry relationships affect us socially and emotionally as well as how we begin to dismantle these behaviors. Amber also helps us to understand where the concept of frenemies begins in our lives and how we can do better with the next generation.   relationships that uplift and support their lives.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

5:54 – What is a frenemy?

7:00 – How reality TV feeds the drama

8:44 – Where do the issues begin?

11:40 – Holding on to grudges

16:33 – Recognizing the problem

23:00 – Being a better leader

25:50 – Organizational Culture

28:15 – Raising Kind Girls

34:05 – Building Authentic Relationships

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WBL Podcast: The Doubt From Within with Philicia Wallace

wbl podcast philicia wallace
philicia wallace wbl podcast

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Self doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever could. Slaying those thoughts is a daily process that we must actively work on. It is the only way that we can show up in our God given purpose. 

In this episode, our guest Philicia Wallace is going to  share with us what self doubt looks like and how we can overcome it to show up as our best selves. Philicia is the Founder of Slaying Self Doubt, LLC, a Purpose Empowerment Coach, and host of the Slaying Self Doubt™ Podcast.  Through her professional endeavors, she seeks to empower black women to identify and conquer troubling doubts and insecurities. Her relatable coaching and mentoring style has created a space of security and comfort for her audiences, allowing women to freely be themselves to begin a beautiful transition. Her words and wisdom will empower and produce self-love, help others embrace who they’re becoming, and encourage them to step into their God-given purpose. She is committed to helping Black women find their fears and SLAY them.

Live Well Tip of the Week: 
Sometimes you need to be your own hype man. External praise is great and we all love to receive it but being able to hype yourself up is what will get you past self doubt. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode

6:00 – What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

7:00 – How much of our fear is about our past experiences?

9:37 – Is it fear of failure or imposter syndrome?

11:10 – Are you actually afraid of succeeding?

12:03 – The stories we tell ourselves

13:15 – What happens when you get exactly what you prayed for?

15:30 – Everyone in your life now can’t go with you to your next level

21:39 – Waiting on your confirmation from God

28:45 – How does self doubt show up for you?

33:40 – The benefit of journaling

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WBL Podcast: The Intersection of Beauty & Wellness

Devika Chand Dandona
WBL Podcast - Devika Chand Dandona

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Most women think they are supposed to look a certain way but who sets the beauty standards? Why chase that beauty standard? Be a conscious consumer and only invest in what works best for you. Make beauty about your wellness routine rather than chasing standards.

In this episode, Devika Dandona joins us to explore clean beauty and sustainable fashion.  How can we integrate beauty and wellness and make it work best for ourselves? Devika is an investor, thought leader, and founder of Devi Collective.

In this session, Devika shares her inspiration in the beauty space, making conscious choices in terms of our health, becoming a conscious consumer, and investing in the best brands. Besides, she expounds on researching to make an informed decision and the impact of influencer marketing on a brand. 

Live Well Tip of the Week:  Convenience is often the enemy of consciousness. Decide which you are willing to sacrifice.

A Quote from Our Guest:  Becoming a conscious consumer is one of the most powerful things you can do to yourself.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Devika pinpoints understanding what traditional beauty fails to tell us about how the products interact with our bodies as her main inspiration for getting into the beauty space.
  • Who decides how we are supposed to look and sets beauty standards? Don’t chase standards but make conscious beauty choices regarding your health.
  • Embracing how you feel naturally allows you to start making better choices for yourself. For instance, choose the right foundation shade for yourself.
  • What you choose in the beauty world has a worldwide effect on many social topics. From the different ways, it impacts people to inclusivity and exclusivity.
  • Making darker shades is associated with high costs explaining why most brands don’t invest in them.
  • Invest in a brand that has invested in its product development and has not taken the easy way out.
  • Having the time to research and make an informed decision is attached to having some sort of privilege.
  • Small brands will make changes in the beauty space since they understand the problem and intend to fix it.
  • We all have an expiration date. You don’t need an anti-aging cream. We are all going to age, and it is a gift. 
  • How influencer marketing affects your brand.

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WBL Podcast: Embracing Beauty with Sherri Hull

WBL Podcast with Sherri Hull

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Collagen keeps our faces uplifted. But as you age, collagen decreases, making your skin droop. How do you make sure you’re doing everything right at every stage? What beauty practice should you adopt to take care of your skin and maintain its natural glow?

In this episode, Sherri Hull joins us to explore beauty at every stage and how we can take of ourselves from the inside out. Sherri is a certified women’s health nurse with over 20 years of experience in the medical field and the founder of Adorn Women’s Clinic and Medspa.

In this session,  Sherri shares why our skin droops after turning 30, what to look out for in anti-aging products, why you need to start your skincare routine at an early age, and the basic skincare products you need. Besides, she expounds on the do’s and don’ts for healthy skin, make-up tips, and why you need your SPF throughout.

Live Well Tip of the Week:  Don’t allow anyone to define beauty for you. The only opinion that matters is yours.

A Quote from Our Guest: SPF, to me, is number one because it presents a lot. So I would definitely say a good skincare arrangement and making sure you’re using your SPF is great.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Sherri expounds on the difference between a medspa and a normal spa. A medspa is more medical-based with medical treatments to enhance beauty.
  • After we cross the 30 thresholds and north of 40, your collagen decreases, making your skin droop off a little bit.
  • The beauty industry is currently flooded with anti-aging products. Anti-aging products are effective, but a dermatologist provides the most effective products since they are stronger and backed  FDA approved.
  • The basics of your beauty care include- A good cleanser, toner, moisturizers, and serums.
  • You need an SPF all year long regardless of your skin tone and how melanated you are.
  • Treatments and services available in a medspa
  • Do a consultation and evaluation to determine what fillers work best for your skin.
  • A healthy lifestyle keeps your body healthy and your skin as well. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise, release stress, quit smoking, and limit your alcohol and coffee intake.
  • Have a good skincare arrangement, get your aesthetics and start using SPF at an early age.
  • Wash off your makeup and use clean makeup brushes. Just because you’re going to a professional to get your makeup done doesn’t mean their brushes are clean.

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WBL Podcast: Silencing Your Inner Critic with Natolie Warren

Guest Natolie Warren

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We all have that little voice in our heads where every time you try to do something new or accomplish a goal, it says you’re not good enough.  How can you shut your inner critic and turn up the volume to your inner cheerleader?

In this episode, Natolie Warren joins us to explore the silencing of the inner critic. Natolie is a whole woman experience coach and a licensed psychotherapist. She focuses on helping women live a fulfilled life that aligns with their soul purpose using the power component in their mindset and inner transformational technique. As a therapist, she also brings her own experience with personal transformation to help guide you on your life-changing journey.

In this session, Natolie shares where our inner critic comes from, how to build a relationship with your inner critic and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Besides, she expounds on how you can help your children manage their inner critics and get extra support if you can’t manage that inner critic.

Live Well Tip of the Week:  Remember that there is power in your words, especially those you speak to yourself.

A Quote from Our Guest: We have about 65,000 thoughts, and out of the 65,000, 75% of them are negative. However, 90% of those thoughts are thoughts we thought of yesterday. So, every day we are recycling old negative thoughts and beliefs.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Natolie expounds on how our brain is made up of and where the critic comes from. The negative critical thoughts come from our life experiences.
  • Build a relationship with your inner critic, notice when your inner critic shows up, and implement practical steps to silence the inner critic.
  • Thank your inner critic because you needed the protection at one point, but you don’t need it now.
  • Acknowledge you, inner critic, call her out, choose what voice you follow, and choose to do something your inner critic tells you not to do.
  • Courage is a muscle that grows with use. Take those baby steps and get the courage to act and silence your inner critic.
  • Our brains are retrainable and replace negative thoughts. When you create new thoughts, you create a new neural pathway in your brain.
  • Help your kids manage their inner critics by acknowledging their thoughts and feelings. Do not challenge them but rather encourage them to speak out their feelings.
  • Sometimes you may get paralyzed by your inner critic, even at your best self. Get extra support from a therapist if you cannot manage your inner critic.
  • No matter where you are on your journey, you can learn to do these steps. If you have to practice, that’s okay. But you get to choose what ways to follow.

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WBL Podcast: When Mother’s Day Is a Trigger

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Mother’s day can trigger most people for different reasons. It could be that they lost a child or are struggling to get children. Although most women try to maintain that smile and laughter, they’re suffering within. How can society approach and support childless women? How can we understand them and not question them unless they let us in their space?

In this episode, I share why mother’s day could be a trigger for some women. 

Before having my daughter, I had been on an infertility journey without success, which took an emotional toll on me. Mother’s day was never appealing to me as it’s something I desperately wanted to be a part of.

In this session, I share the best approaches when dealing with childless women or those who’ve lost their kids. Tune in and learn how best we can treat women on their fertility journey or those undergoing child loss.

Live Well Tip of the Week:  You don’t owe anyone any explanations.

A Quote from Our Guest:  There are some things we shouldn’t ask. We just have to wonder about some things until the information is offered to us. Underneath the laugh and the smile could be a woman that’s hurting because of the journey they are on.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • My fertility journey and undergoing several rounds of medication which took an emotional and mental toll on me. The idea of mothers day wasn’t appealing till I got my daughter.
  • Never ask someone when they will have kids. Although the question may seem harmless to you, you do not know what they are going through.
  • With mothers day around, we need to be cognizant about those who are unable to celebrate.
  • When you ask a woman who already has their first child when they will add another one, your inquiry might be a painful reminder of what they are struggling with or unable to do. It could even be a danger to their health.
  • Everyone’s journey and experience are different, and not everyone gets to enjoy motherhood. 
  • One in five women struggle to get pregnant within the first year of trying, and you’re not alone in this process.
  • Listen more than you speak. Be supportive and offer fewer suggestions. Be a reminder of their joy, not of the pain.
  • Offer grace and space for that woman to feel however she feels when it comes to mothers day. Don’t force her to put on a happy face, don’t try to force her to appreciate what she has. She’s pretty aware of that.  Let her be because those feelings are valid.

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WBL Podcast: The Lie of Perfection with Bianca Johnson

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Welcome to Well Beauty Lab Podcast! In today’s episode, we discuss ways of taking Care of yourself with Bianca Johnson. Bianca is a breakthrough and empowerment coach that helps you identify what you truly want in life, uproot what is holding you back, and empower you to take action toward the life of your dreams.  

While studying  psychology in college, she was introduced to the mind-body-spirit connection, which completely transformed her life. Bianca believes that in order to live a fulfilled and abundant life we must be well in body, mind, and soul; this is why her signature approach to coaching and healing is centered on mind-body-spirit teachings. Bianca fuses inner healing techniques with positive thinking and spiritual connection to create a holistic approach to becoming your best self and creating your best life. She believes that you can be, do and have everything that your heart desires. 

By using her wisdom and experiences to help awaken others to their true potential. Bianca is committed to helping you become the best version of yourself and create the best version of your life. Her work is currently delivered in online workshops, 1:1 coaching, and destination retreats. 

Live Well Tip of the Week: Embrace the Messy.

A Quote from Our Guest: “Be real and raw and let your true self be shown and be unapologetic and go after your dreams and desire because that is what life is about” by Bianca Johnson.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Bianca discusses some of the signs that show we are stuck in perfectionist and possible ways to move past your perfectionist ways.
  • People pleasing, overworking, self-sabotaging, and overachieving are some of the signs that you are a perfectionist. She says people who are always looking for extra validation are perfectionists.
  • Inner work! Deconstructing the belief that you are already perfect will help stop a person from being a perfectionist.
  •  Being yourself! You should not be trying to be someone else or comparing yourself with people like Influencer, authors, etc
  • Learning about Emotional Freedom Techniques.
  • Working on your fear will help create a sense of safety within yourself.
  • Perfectionism and motherhood. A perfectionist can pass the behavior to other people like mums to their kids.
  • The messy moments are the best, perfect and memorable.
  • Being honest! Knowing where your love lies, your joy, and passing, or identifying the things you love doing will really help in answering the hard questions and avoiding the textbook answers.
  • Ways that the battles against corruption come in.

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WBL Podcast: Getting Unstuck with Tanya J Miller

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Welcome to Well Beauty Lab Podcast. In today’s episode, we have Tanya J Miller who is an author, speaker, coach, and strategist.  She is well known for helping individuals and organizations discover their purpose, vision, and destiny. She is a pro at helping people work through their mindset and get to their best selves.

Tanya has written several books including Mind Matters, Pro Journal: Vision on Purpose, Things my Mama Said, Provision: Purpose Validated Seven Times.

She is a certified life coach with over eighteen years of experience working with youth, young adults, and women throughout the community. She also holds a BBA in finance and business management from Northwood University and an MBA from Regent University. In addition, she has;

  • Earned an Advanced Diploma in Christian Life Coaching
  • Certified and credentialed as a Board Certified Master Christian Life Coach (BCMCLC)
  • Member of the International Board of Christian Care (IBCC), and a part of the AACC Christian Coaching Alliance (CCA).

Tune in to listen to Tanya sharing about how you can get yourself unstuck.

Live Well Tip of the Week: Do your homework

A Quote from Our Guest: The purpose is your DNA. It’s the reason why you are wherever you are. You may express purpose in different positions and things but when you look back at all those things it goes back to who you are.

 Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tanya discusses the signs that show you are stuck. They include complaining about things, feeling like you are on pause for a long time and having no new accomplishments.
  • Support your relationships with other people and necessarily do not compare yourself with others. Be there for them, let them feel your impact. Don’t act as a barrier but as a stepping stone. 
  • You are the main cause of the roadblock to your mentality and emotions. Move past your comfort zone and this will help you avoid being stuck within yourself or in your relationships with others.
  • It’s good to protect yourself from being hurt but in other instances just be you. Show the real you in relationships and avoid being a people pleaser. This will help you not be stuck with people you don’t deserve to be with.
  • Know your purpose and vision.
  • Vision is what’s specific to your life. It may echo what other people have done in your life but it should not be the basis of where you are trying to go.
  • Teach your teenagers how to find purpose and help them to map out their vision.
  • Finally have family meetings with your kids and have the conversation that you wish your parents had.

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WBL Podcast: All About The Gut with Anne Aniya

Anne Aniya episode 24
Anne Aniya episode graphic

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Welcome to Well Beauty Lab! Did you know that there is a connection between what we eat and how we feel throughout the day? In today’s episode, our guest Anne Anyia shares how to keep your gut healthy by introducing a genuine lifestyle of healthy eating and living! Anne is a registered Nutritionist & Certified Health Coach. She is passionate about helping women and men transform their weight, health and life by focusing on nutrition, coaching, fitness and gut health!

  • Live Well Tip of the Week: Don’t let your emotions ruin your health!
  • A Quote from Our Guest:  “All health and disease begins in your gut! Everything you eat affects your body and is digested by the gut. The gut is the center of everything!” ~ Anne Anyia

6 Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode: 

  • Your gut begins from your mouth and ends at the anus. The gut is the center of your health and it works to digest and absorb everything you eat. Our gut health really includes our entire digestive system! Everything starts in your gut!
  • Anne discusses how the state of your gut also affects your mental health! This includes stress, anxiety, and even depression! Stress can shut down your gut. 
  • Yo- Yo dieting is when you jump from one diet to the next in order to lose weight. This may cause you to hate food instead of seeing food for what it really is. Jumping from diet to diet and eating processed or sugary foods can also negatively impact your gut health. 
  • A genuine lifestyle change will help you on your weightloss journey. The number on the scale is not a true reflection of your weight loss journey! If the number on the scale hasn’t changed yet, this doesn’t mean that the healthy changes you are making are not positively affecting your gut health! Non-scale victories are better! If your clothes fit you better, if you have better energy, if you’re less bloated, then these are more important victories! 
  • Anne also discusses the benefits of prebiotics and having a healthy diet before depending on supplements!
  • The more natural and holistic your diet is, the better it is for your gut health! Some holistic and natural options to maintain in your diet include drinking plenty of water, vegetables, some fruits, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, fish & salmon, avocados, dark chocolate 90%, and things that are rich in fiber, which also assist in good bacteria. In addition to incorporating a more natural diet, make sure to find an exercise you enjoy and be consistent with it! 

Connect with Anne Anyia: