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Ingredient Highlight: All About Rosehip

It is incredible to think that from a single flower you can have so many skin care benefits. Rosehip oil has long been hailed as a miracle oil, but really it’s just a nutrient dense plant oil that does wonders for the skin. However it’s benefits are not relegated to just the seed oil. An increasingly common ingredient, especially in plant based skincare; rose hip, in all of its forms, is as close to a beauty fix all as you could possibly get.

What is Rosehip?

Rosehip is an ancient shrub, mainly cultivated in the extreme south of the Andes mountain range, more precisely in the virgin forests found in the south of Chile. It is an ancient plant used in dermal-cosmetics due to the number of properties it has and the endless benefits that you can obtain from it. Its assets are responsible for remedying the most annoying conditions that we face in the skin, such as spots or signs of age.
These plants are from the Rosaceae family, with small, round, green leaves. Its flowers have five petals, and its color varies in the range of pink, from white to vibrant pink; the stamens of the flower are yellow. Their scent is mostly musky, and they bloom only once a season. Its fruit is called Rosehip, and it is shaped like a small tomato that can be red or orange.

The benefits of using Rose Hip in skincare

The oil extracted from the fruit of the Rosehip, quite common in South America, is full of benefits for the skin, as it guarantees extra hydration, skin regeneration, from the simplest to the most complicated, such as the dreaded stretch marks, old spots, scars, and even expression marks. All of this is because of its special components, among which are fatty acids, a variety of vitamins, and carotenoids.

Rosehip Helps Eliminate Scars

The powerful action of the Rosehip against scars is due to its content of fatty acids, responsible for maintaining healthy skin. They are highly efficient in the process of regenerating damaged skin, and rosehip oil is formed mostly by these compounds. Beyond the surface, rosehip oil is able to penetrate the outermost layer of our skin further aiding in the skins self healing process.

Helps Combats the Effects of Photo-Aging

The main cause of photo aging is sun exposure. Think sun spots and wrinkles. The antioxidants and essential fatty acids found in rosehip can help improve pigmentation, skin tone, and texture. When used daily, it slows down the aging of tissues. This leads to the skin appearing firmer and younger looking. In addition, the Vitamin C content counteracts the negative effects of sun exposure which can lead to a decrease in collagen production.

Is Rich In Vitamin A To Rehydrate Dry Skin

ater, which translates into a more hydrated skin. While beneficial at any age, these properties are particularly helpful to aging skin. This is because as we age the skin produces less collagen and elasticity is lost. A few drops of rosehip oil can help keep moisture loss at bay.
Curious to know which of our products contains rosehip? You can find it in our I’m Beet Clay Mask, ACE Nourishing Skin Oil and Fresh Lips Moisturizing Butter.  Try any one (or all three) of these products for a healthy dose of essential antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.

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