Life In Balance Bootcamp

Life In Balance Bootcamp

Launching January 2023

Why Bootcamp?

Do you ever feel like your life is a whirlwind? Do you find yourself doing things just because they need to be done but not because they bring joy to your life? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and overworked.

If so, then this is the course for you.

I’ve been there – I know what it’s like to be stretched too thin. When I started my own business as a full-time mom and entrepreneur, I realized that if I didn’t change quickly, this whole thing would end in disaster (and probably divorce).

That’s why I created Live In Balance Bootcamp: 5 Steps To Taking Back Control Of Your Life And Making Room For YOU. This 5 part audio course is designed to help moms regain control of their lives and make more room for their health and well-being in their busy schedules.


The Process

how we work

This boot camp is a five-part audio series with corresponding worksheets to walk you through getting your life back on track. Each session explores a different activity aimed at helping you look at the way you live your life and defining what changes are needed to live the life you desire. 

Session 1 : Define Balance

Session one digs into the truedefinition of balance as it related to living a healthy and happy life. 

Session 2: Auditing Your Schedule

Session two is all about learning how to allocate your time the right way.

Session 3: Setting Your Priorities

Session three focuses on helping you to get clear about what really matters in your life. 

Session 4: Defining Your Needs

Session four helps you to determine what it is that you need to be at your best and what that looks like in daily practice.

Session 5: Planning For Success

In our final session we focus on goal setting, taking baby steps and creating a strategic plan for your life. 

Self Paced Course

$ 47
  • Access to 5 Audio Lessons
  • The Life In Balance Digital Workbook

Self Paced Course w/ Strategy Session

$ 249
  • Access to 5 Audio Lessons
  • The Life In Balance Digital Workbook
  • 60 Minute Strategy Session to

The Life In Balance Bootcamp Officially launches in January 2023 but you can be one of the first to secure your seat by subscribing for updates using the form below.