Life In Balance Digital Dashboard

Launching January 2023

Why A Digital Dashboard?

It may seem like technology is taking over our lives, but there are some advantages. 

Many of us have been using spreadsheets and calendar apps to manage our daily/weekly tasks/errands and appointments
for the longest time and there has been so much data entry all over the place.

 We’ve built the ultimate organization dashboard that takes all of that information and stores it in one place when used with a productivity app. It is designed to help you organize so you can prioritize your life and get more done.

Our dashboard has been helping busy moms manage the life of the entire family. No more notebooks, sticky notes, and spreadsheets. 


Please note that your dashboard will be built using Notion a productivity software. You will need a FREE notion account to use it.

The Process

how we work

If you are opting for the custom setup, here is how it works. 

You fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and our team of experts combine the information with their experience to create the ultimate digital planner set up for YOU. This means more time with your friends, family, and activities while taking less time getting organized.

Custom Dashboard

We build it based on your needs
$ 297
  • Access To Our Life In Balance Dashboard Template for Notion. Customized to fit your needs.
  • The Life In Balance Digital Workbook