Mom Boss In Balance Coaching

Mom Boss In Balance Coaching

Support For Busy Women

Being a busy mom, sister, friend, wife and professional is hard work. And when we’re stretched too thin for too long, the flames of overwhelm and exhaustion can get out of control. 

Feeling exhausted but not knowing what to do about it. Feeling like you’re lacking in energy and don’t know where to get more. Drowning in your 

Living a healthy lifestyle has never been easy. Incorporating exercise, eating right and all the other things the ‘experts’ tell us to do seem overwhelming.

Our coaches guide you through your specific life issues that led you to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed in the first place and identify ways that you can move forward as efficiently as possible, providing you with customized steps based on your needs and offering a sustainable path forward.

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Who is this program for?

This program is for you the passionate entrepreneur who feels like your business is running your life. You are overwhelmed with all of the responsibility that comes from being a mom and an entrepreneur. There is hope! We will help you find balance while still maintaining your success.

 Our coaching sessions are completely customized to your needs and will help you prioritize your well-being and achieve your career and personal goal. Together we will develop a plan that works for you and your family. Learn how to balance everything and be in control of your priorities


How The Program Works

Complete the Mom In Balance Assessment

The assessments will take look at where your life is today, and give you your Stress Index Score to help us determine what areas of your life are in need of the most attention. 

The assessment is FREE and can be taken at any time. 

Choose Your Plan

We offer three options for our coaching program giving you the flexibility to choose your desired level of support.

Get Your Work/Life Rebalance Plan

Together, using the results of your assessment we build a custom plan to get you from overwhelmed to thriving in thirty to sixty days. 

Program Options

Strategic Planning

  • Together we will build your comprehensive Work/Life Rebalance Plan. After our session, you can follow the plan at your own pace. 

Before & After Plan

  • Our sessions bookend your progress. In your initial session, we map out your Work/Life Rebalance plan. Within sixty days we have a follow-up session to assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments

The Six-Week Plan

  • We begin with an initial strategic planning session to map out your Work/Life Rebalancing Plan
  • Each week you will receive a progress tracking survey to keep you accountable to your goals.
  • You will also have three bi-weekly coaching sessions to walk through challenges and make adjustments to your plan.

Choose Your Plan

Strategic Planning

A one and done 90 minute session
$ 397
  • 90 Minute Strategic Planning Session
  • Comprehensive Work/Life Rebalance Plan

Before & After

Strategic Planning and Follow Up
$ 597
  • 90 Minute Strategic Planning Session
  • 60 Minute Follow-up Coaching Session
  • Comprehensive Work/Life Rebalance Plan

6 Week Program

6 Weeks of 1-on-1 Support
$ 1297
  • 90 Minute Strategic Planning Session
  • 3 - 60 Minute Follow-up Coaching Sessions
  • Comprehensive Work/Life Rebalance Plan
  • 6 Weekly Progress Surveys