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There is nothing better than a good night’s rest, but getting one isn’t always easy. The Beauty Sleep Bundle is here to help. Build a sustainable bed time routine with our Better Beauty Sleep Challenge Workbook. Track your progress with the Team Beauty Sleep Journal. Ignite your senses and relax your body with the Better Beauty Sleep Candle.

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The method for the Better Beauty Sleep Challenge is a combination of practical and psychological tips to create a set of habits that takes your body through a shutdown process. This six-step routine for winding down starts on night one and builds up to a full routine by the end of night six. 

These steps are focused on helping your body and mind acclimate to the proper sleep cycle.  If your goal is to fall asleep at 10 p.m., then this plan will help you reset your internal clock or circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) so that you can do just that.

With this challenge you will assess your environmental and behavioral conditions to make some helpful changes.

The Team Beauty Sleep Journal is your ultimate source for helping you identify and understand poor habits that may be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. It then helps you break them and defines how to build the right habits to achieve the most restful sleep.

Add to this a soothing and calming candle scented with vetiver, palo santo and black violet that invites you to relax, put your senses at ease, and enjoy the moment. Unwinding from the day and drifting off to sleep has never been easier with this blend of scents.


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