Better Beauty Sleep Workbook

Better Beauty Sleep Workbook

We tend to have a habit of putting others before ourselves which can lead to a lack of sleep and burnout. The Better Beauty Sleep Challenge is a way for you not only to look your best but feel your best. It consists of a six-night challenge to achieve the most restful sleep you’ve ever had.

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We have a habit of putting others before ourselves, much like powerful superhero women and may be sleep deprived as a result. I too had issues resulting from burnout and lack of sleep for months. I took a month off running my business and instead focused on organizing my life. 

Step one was developing a bedtime routine that would help me wind down before sleeping. In a perfect world, getting better sleep would be as simple as going to bed earlier and waking up feeling refreshed. In the real world, our bodies are creatures of habit and bad habits are hard to break. 

Why is it called the Better “Beauty” Sleep Challenge? Because it not only helps women feel better, but also helps them look better too, because makeup can’t cover up exhaustion. 

The method for the Better Beauty Sleep Challenge is a combination of practical and psychological tips to create a set of habits that takes your body through a shutdown process. This six-step routine for winding down starts on night one and builds up to a full routine by the end of night six. 

These steps are focused on helping your body and mind acclimate to the proper sleep cycle.  If your goal is to fall asleep at 10 p.m., then this plan will help you reset your internal clock or circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) so that you can do just that.

With this challenge you will assess your environmental and behavioral conditions to make some helpful changes. Think of this as a preliminary cleaning of the sleep space. The goal here is to remove anything that could interfere with high-quality, restful sleep – like electronics and other artificial light – and maximize things that promote good sleep, like blackout curtains and better bedding.

By the end of six nights, you will have improved your pre-sleep routine by adding meditation, relaxation practices, and perhaps light reading. All this is designed to help you relax before getting in bed so that you’re ready for quality rest when your head hits the pillow.


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