Life In Balance: Self-Care Workbook

Life In Balance: Self-Care Workbook

Life In Balance Self-Care Workbook is a guide to help you make room in your daily schedule for self-care. Whether we’re working full time and trying to raise children, or we’re working a dream job but still don’t have time for ourselves, there are many reasons why our lives can feel out of balance.




Do you feel exhausted and stretched handled? Would you love to de-stress but don’t have time? Our Life In Balance: Self Care Workbook will help you make the most of your energy level by teaching you daily self-care rituals including healing affirmations, gratitude practice, sleep hygiene tips, physical exercise, and intention setting. This workbook includes space to plan for monthly, weekly, and daily activities. Creating a framework with the core ideas of gratitude, affirmations, sleep, exercise, and intention setting makes self-care practical.

Once you incorporate the suggested self-care activities into your daily routine, you will feel relieved of anxiety and find greater balance in your life. In fact, your productivity and sense of fulfillment will increase immensely!


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