Schedule Auditing 101

If you’re looking to gain 2-3 extra hours in your week, I’ve created a guide that shows you how. 

Our hands on approach will teach you to weed out all the unnecessary tasks in your schedule and focus on the activities that contribute to your well-being.

The Schedule Auditing 101 Guide contains easy, step by step instructions for how to analyze, delegate, and delete from your schedule.

In this guide you will learn how to

  • Break down your weekly schedule to account for every minute of your day.
  • Determine what is truly a priority in your life.
  • Create more white space in your day, making more room for you to take care of you.  


Want to make the most of your schedule? Learn how to create more space in your life for what truly matters.

The Podcast
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Welcome to the all new Well Beauty Lab Podcast. A show dedicated to inspiring you to  cultivate a lifestyle that supports you well being. Each week you will hear from host LaKeisha Entsuah and sometimes a special guest discussing a wide range of topics that will help you live, eat and glow well.