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Season 2- Episode 20: The Art of Self Care

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In this episode, host LaKeisha Entsuah explores the “Art of Self Care” and how our self-care needs change based on your current phase of the self-care cycle. She also discusses how to make a self-care plan for each phase.

Legacy Thought of The Week

Do you know your limits? It is a question we are not always willing to ask ourselves, but it is necessary if we truly want to move past the hampster wheel of overwhelm and burnout. 

Key Takeaways

The three phases of the self-care cycle are creation, elevation, and restoration. 

The “Creation” phase is where you are building and preparing for the next thing in your life. It could be a time to prepare for a new job or baby. Whatever you are preparing for it is identified by a season of balanced input and output. There is white space in your schedule, and you have room for the little (or big) luxuries in life. 

The “Elevation” phase is a period of achieving. You are moving on to bigger, better, or next in your life. Your period of elevation could be a promotion, additional work responsibilities, or a more significant role in a volunteer organization. It is marked by maximum output with minimum input. The minimum is not to the point of operating at a deficit, but it is just enough to keep you going. You are thriving through efficiency. 

The “Restoration” phase is a time of replenishing, building yourself back up, and nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Your period of restoration is a time when you turn inward, increased reflection, and rest. It is marked by minimum output and maximum input. This may be when you spend more time at home and fewer social interactions. You may be recovering from a busy season at work or a traumatic life event. 

To make an effective plan for each phase, you must know your limits, be clear about your needs and be willing to be completely honest with yourself. 

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