Tara Galeano WBL Podcast

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Intimacy is the ability to be seen and the ability to see another…with this characteristic of vulnerability. 

Live Well Tip of the Week: How well do you know what you find pleasurable? If you’re not sure you should take the time to find out. 

 In this episode our guest is Tara Galeano, clinical sexologist, licensed clinical therapist and sexual empowerment coach. Tara is here to help up understand what it means to experience sexual pleasure, get in tune with our own bodies and take back control over out sexual experiences. She is the author of Rediscovering My Body which teaches us how to show up for pleasure. Tara offers unique couple’s retreats, and ceremonial, sensual journeys that open doors to new experiences and communication with oneself and partners.

What You Will Learn In This Episode

6:06 – What is a clinical sexologist?

8:40 – Where does sex fit in with wellness?

11:40 – What is the difference between sex and intimacy?

14:23 – Preparing The Next Generation

18:50 – How do we discover pleasure for ourselves?

24:25 – Where to look for help

27:26 – What is a sexual empowerment coach?

32:08 – Finding pleasure 101

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