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Welcome to Well Beauty Lab! Did you know that there is a connection between what we eat and how we feel throughout the day? In today’s episode, our guest Anne Anyia shares how to keep your gut healthy by introducing a genuine lifestyle of healthy eating and living! Anne is a registered Nutritionist & Certified Health Coach. She is passionate about helping women and men transform their weight, health and life by focusing on nutrition, coaching, fitness and gut health!

  • Live Well Tip of the Week: Don’t let your emotions ruin your health!
  • A Quote from Our Guest:  “All health and disease begins in your gut! Everything you eat affects your body and is digested by the gut. The gut is the center of everything!” ~ Anne Anyia

6 Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode: 

  • Your gut begins from your mouth and ends at the anus. The gut is the center of your health and it works to digest and absorb everything you eat. Our gut health really includes our entire digestive system! Everything starts in your gut!
  • Anne discusses how the state of your gut also affects your mental health! This includes stress, anxiety, and even depression! Stress can shut down your gut. 
  • Yo- Yo dieting is when you jump from one diet to the next in order to lose weight. This may cause you to hate food instead of seeing food for what it really is. Jumping from diet to diet and eating processed or sugary foods can also negatively impact your gut health. 
  • A genuine lifestyle change will help you on your weightloss journey. The number on the scale is not a true reflection of your weight loss journey! If the number on the scale hasn’t changed yet, this doesn’t mean that the healthy changes you are making are not positively affecting your gut health! Non-scale victories are better! If your clothes fit you better, if you have better energy, if you’re less bloated, then these are more important victories! 
  • Anne also discusses the benefits of prebiotics and having a healthy diet before depending on supplements!
  • The more natural and holistic your diet is, the better it is for your gut health! Some holistic and natural options to maintain in your diet include drinking plenty of water, vegetables, some fruits, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, fish & salmon, avocados, dark chocolate 90%, and things that are rich in fiber, which also assist in good bacteria. In addition to incorporating a more natural diet, make sure to find an exercise you enjoy and be consistent with it! 

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