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In today’s episode, we discuss self care and the value of dismantling the stigma surrounding the strong black woman, with guest Jacquelyn Perry. 

About Jacquelyn

Coach Joc is a mom, wife, and the self-proclaimed “Black Women’s Coach.” When she’s not enjoying a glass of Stella Rosa, or spending time with her family, she is coaching black women to see their worth. Coach Joc’s goal is to dismantle the stigma of the “strong black woman” by teaching black millennial women how to take themselves off the back burner and prioritize their healing and inner worth so they can experience more joy and deeper connections.

Episode Takeaways:

  • Live Well Tip of the Week: Oftentimes, we may try and juggle too many things at one time. You can do it, but just not all at once! We need to prioritize, and take things one step at a time. Live life on your own timeline. 
  • Discussing the myth of the strong black woman. The stigma is that, due to being raised by iconic strong black women, we are never allowed to bend, break, complain, or cry. It makes black women carry unnecessary burdens. 
  • Learning that it’s okay to ask for help or admit that you need a break. 
  • Sometimes we feel like if we let certain things go, then everything is going to fall out of place. 
  • Delegate the little things. Communicate with your partner, friends, & or family that you may need an extra hand. Take time out for yourself! 
  • Self care time is so underrated! Self care doesn’t have to be overly thought out. It’s in the simple things, such as a relaxing bubble bath and some quiet time. 
  • You must be able to recognize your worth!
  • You can start by asking some friends or loved ones, what is something that they love about you? Begin to become more self aware and recognize the good things about yourself! 
  • Address the internal things before the external things become difficult to bear.
  • When looking for a good life coach, you will need to decide exactly what your goals are, in order to see if a particular coach matches up with your needs. Look for transparency from them. 

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