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Welcome to Well Beauty Lab Podcast! In today’s episode, we discuss the definition  of true fearlessness with Tina Fears. Tina is the founder of Stage Ready LLC, a full-service production company that offers award-winning production management, creative direction, and memorable performance experiences for entertainers, beauty, and lifestyle brands across the world via diverse platforms and levels of influence. Her work as an actor, singer, and dancer includes regional productions of Simply Simone, Dreamgirls, and In The Heights to name a few! Tina has also featured in national commercials for Walmart, Ford, The Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and Shoe Carnival. Her role as Clara Ward in the Emmy nominated National Geographic anthology series Genius: Aretha  2021  is now available on HULU. Tina received the 2021 African American Women in Cinema Trailblazer Award and the 2021 HAPA Breakthrough Performance Award  for her work on Genius.  Advocacy is at the core of Tina’s passion as a creative and she knows first hand what is means to conquer your fears!

  • Live Well Tip of the Week: Whose judgment are you really concerned about?
  • A Quote from Our Guest: “Being fearless to me is really just facing your fear head on. It’s about recognizing your fears and figuring out how to navigate in order to overcome them. Acknowledging them but not allowing them to hold you back from living a full life.” ~ Tina Fears

6 Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tina discusses with us what it looks like to be in position for what God has in store for us! She also teaches us the value in allowing our life wins, plans, goals to be ordered by the Lord.
  • Learning how to face our fears in order to stand in the authenticity of who we truly are. It can be a lifelong process/journey!
  • Give yourself grace! Allow yourself room to grow and craft your own journey. Everyone’s journey looks different. Grace is the key to balancing business and motherhood!
  • Tina shares how to focus on the end goal and showing up in excellence!
  • Identifying  what you are truly passionate about so that you can feel fulfilled and live in your happiest self! 
  • Once you identify your vision, write it down so that it becomes tangible. Then begin to craft the steps that would help you to accomplish the vision! When you know its something you’ve been called to do, you will be able to move forward even when it may feel uncomfortable, in order to achieve it!

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