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Have you ever considered changing the way you look at food? Food is not always the enemy. We just have to find a diet that works for our individual body type. This does not always mean restricting yourself from foods that you enjoy!

In this episode, we discuss the meaning of intuitive eating as it relates to finding a balance of the foods and lifestyle that work best for you. We will also cover the importance of acknowledging your unique body type, despite the pressure of society to try and categorize one’s diet into  what everyone else is doing or saying that works for them!

  • Live Well Tip of the Week:  Food is not the enemy. Your mindset is!
  • A Quote from Our Guest: “Understand that everyone doesn’t have the same genetics. We shouldn’t be pursuing to have the same ideal body as everyone else  in order to fit the standard of popular belief.”~ Christyna Johnson 

4 Things You’ll Learn in This Episode: 

  • A nutritionist is an experienced professional, who is not required to have a degree or certification in order to become a nutritionist. They also do not have legal standing or legal protection behind their title. Whereas a registered dietitian is a credentialed individual with at least a bachelors degree in nutrition, and required to complete additional training and certifications. 
  • Intuitive eating is a form of self compassionate eating. This means eating in a way that is internally wise and compassionate towards your own dietary fulfillment and needs. This also means becoming rebellious towards the expectations and influences of outside sources where it concerns your personal dietary needs (outside of a medical professional). This includes rebelling against the ‘diet culture’ or diets that are trending for everyone else. Example: You do not have to become gluten free  just because it’s the popular thing to do. You should only  choose it if it works well for you. 
  • There are often financial challenges associated with intuitive eating, due to the expense of allowing yourself to consistently eat the foods that you desire to eat (that work best for your needs). In this situation, it is important to learn to become creative in how you approach your diet. 
  • Listen to yourself, be intune with yourself. Unhealthy food habits can be addressed by a proper dietitian. For those who are looking for financial assistance, there are often health grants and resource centers within your community that are available to provide financial assistance towards professional health services. 

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