Guest Natolie Warren

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We all have that little voice in our heads where every time you try to do something new or accomplish a goal, it says you’re not good enough.  How can you shut your inner critic and turn up the volume to your inner cheerleader?

In this episode, Natolie Warren joins us to explore the silencing of the inner critic. Natolie is a whole woman experience coach and a licensed psychotherapist. She focuses on helping women live a fulfilled life that aligns with their soul purpose using the power component in their mindset and inner transformational technique. As a therapist, she also brings her own experience with personal transformation to help guide you on your life-changing journey.

In this session, Natolie shares where our inner critic comes from, how to build a relationship with your inner critic and replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Besides, she expounds on how you can help your children manage their inner critics and get extra support if you can’t manage that inner critic.

Live Well Tip of the Week:  Remember that there is power in your words, especially those you speak to yourself.

A Quote from Our Guest: We have about 65,000 thoughts, and out of the 65,000, 75% of them are negative. However, 90% of those thoughts are thoughts we thought of yesterday. So, every day we are recycling old negative thoughts and beliefs.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Natolie expounds on how our brain is made up of and where the critic comes from. The negative critical thoughts come from our life experiences.
  • Build a relationship with your inner critic, notice when your inner critic shows up, and implement practical steps to silence the inner critic.
  • Thank your inner critic because you needed the protection at one point, but you don’t need it now.
  • Acknowledge you, inner critic, call her out, choose what voice you follow, and choose to do something your inner critic tells you not to do.
  • Courage is a muscle that grows with use. Take those baby steps and get the courage to act and silence your inner critic.
  • Our brains are retrainable and replace negative thoughts. When you create new thoughts, you create a new neural pathway in your brain.
  • Help your kids manage their inner critics by acknowledging their thoughts and feelings. Do not challenge them but rather encourage them to speak out their feelings.
  • Sometimes you may get paralyzed by your inner critic, even at your best self. Get extra support from a therapist if you cannot manage your inner critic.
  • No matter where you are on your journey, you can learn to do these steps. If you have to practice, that’s okay. But you get to choose what ways to follow.

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