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Self doubt has killed more dreams than failure ever could. Slaying those thoughts is a daily process that we must actively work on. It is the only way that we can show up in our God given purpose. 

In this episode, our guest Philicia Wallace is going to  share with us what self doubt looks like and how we can overcome it to show up as our best selves. Philicia is the Founder of Slaying Self Doubt, LLC, a Purpose Empowerment Coach, and host of the Slaying Self Doubt™ Podcast.  Through her professional endeavors, she seeks to empower black women to identify and conquer troubling doubts and insecurities. Her relatable coaching and mentoring style has created a space of security and comfort for her audiences, allowing women to freely be themselves to begin a beautiful transition. Her words and wisdom will empower and produce self-love, help others embrace who they’re becoming, and encourage them to step into their God-given purpose. She is committed to helping Black women find their fears and SLAY them.

Live Well Tip of the Week: 
Sometimes you need to be your own hype man. External praise is great and we all love to receive it but being able to hype yourself up is what will get you past self doubt. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode

6:00 – What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

7:00 – How much of our fear is about our past experiences?

9:37 – Is it fear of failure or imposter syndrome?

11:10 – Are you actually afraid of succeeding?

12:03 – The stories we tell ourselves

13:15 – What happens when you get exactly what you prayed for?

15:30 – Everyone in your life now can’t go with you to your next level

21:39 – Waiting on your confirmation from God

28:45 – How does self doubt show up for you?

33:40 – The benefit of journaling

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