WBL Podcast - Devika Chand Dandona

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Most women think they are supposed to look a certain way but who sets the beauty standards? Why chase that beauty standard? Be a conscious consumer and only invest in what works best for you. Make beauty about your wellness routine rather than chasing standards.

In this episode, Devika Dandona joins us to explore clean beauty and sustainable fashion.  How can we integrate beauty and wellness and make it work best for ourselves? Devika is an investor, thought leader, and founder of Devi Collective.

In this session, Devika shares her inspiration in the beauty space, making conscious choices in terms of our health, becoming a conscious consumer, and investing in the best brands. Besides, she expounds on researching to make an informed decision and the impact of influencer marketing on a brand. 

Live Well Tip of the Week:  Convenience is often the enemy of consciousness. Decide which you are willing to sacrifice.

A Quote from Our Guest:  Becoming a conscious consumer is one of the most powerful things you can do to yourself.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Devika pinpoints understanding what traditional beauty fails to tell us about how the products interact with our bodies as her main inspiration for getting into the beauty space.
  • Who decides how we are supposed to look and sets beauty standards? Don’t chase standards but make conscious beauty choices regarding your health.
  • Embracing how you feel naturally allows you to start making better choices for yourself. For instance, choose the right foundation shade for yourself.
  • What you choose in the beauty world has a worldwide effect on many social topics. From the different ways, it impacts people to inclusivity and exclusivity.
  • Making darker shades is associated with high costs explaining why most brands don’t invest in them.
  • Invest in a brand that has invested in its product development and has not taken the easy way out.
  • Having the time to research and make an informed decision is attached to having some sort of privilege.
  • Small brands will make changes in the beauty space since they understand the problem and intend to fix it.
  • We all have an expiration date. You don’t need an anti-aging cream. We are all going to age, and it is a gift. 
  • How influencer marketing affects your brand.

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