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Welcome to Well Beauty Lab Podcast! In today’s episode, we discuss ways of taking Care of yourself with Bianca Johnson. Bianca is a breakthrough and empowerment coach that helps you identify what you truly want in life, uproot what is holding you back, and empower you to take action toward the life of your dreams.  

While studying  psychology in college, she was introduced to the mind-body-spirit connection, which completely transformed her life. Bianca believes that in order to live a fulfilled and abundant life we must be well in body, mind, and soul; this is why her signature approach to coaching and healing is centered on mind-body-spirit teachings. Bianca fuses inner healing techniques with positive thinking and spiritual connection to create a holistic approach to becoming your best self and creating your best life. She believes that you can be, do and have everything that your heart desires. 

By using her wisdom and experiences to help awaken others to their true potential. Bianca is committed to helping you become the best version of yourself and create the best version of your life. Her work is currently delivered in online workshops, 1:1 coaching, and destination retreats. 

Live Well Tip of the Week: Embrace the Messy.

A Quote from Our Guest: “Be real and raw and let your true self be shown and be unapologetic and go after your dreams and desire because that is what life is about” by Bianca Johnson.

Takeaways That You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Bianca discusses some of the signs that show we are stuck in perfectionist and possible ways to move past your perfectionist ways.
  • People pleasing, overworking, self-sabotaging, and overachieving are some of the signs that you are a perfectionist. She says people who are always looking for extra validation are perfectionists.
  • Inner work! Deconstructing the belief that you are already perfect will help stop a person from being a perfectionist.
  •  Being yourself! You should not be trying to be someone else or comparing yourself with people like Influencer, authors, etc
  • Learning about Emotional Freedom Techniques.
  • Working on your fear will help create a sense of safety within yourself.
  • Perfectionism and motherhood. A perfectionist can pass the behavior to other people like mums to their kids.
  • The messy moments are the best, perfect and memorable.
  • Being honest! Knowing where your love lies, your joy, and passing, or identifying the things you love doing will really help in answering the hard questions and avoiding the textbook answers.
  • Ways that the battles against corruption come in.

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