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I know how difficult it is to find time to pursue the things you love and take care of yourself, but you can’t be truly happy if you’re spread too thin. You have big dreams and important goals in life. You deserve to live it to the fullest. Here is how I can help.

In addition to our signature program; The Live Well Reset Plan; we also offer virtual masterclasses, in-person workshops and additional digital resources al created by founder and Chief Wellness Officer LaKeisha Entsuah. If you or your organization are need of any of these services, feel free to  contact us below for more information. 


The Life In Balance Bootcamp

For the mom in need of a little tough love!

Did you know that a US national survey revealed that 1 in 3 adults feel stressed every day, which severely impacts their health? We found that moms are at the highest risk for stress-related health issues like heart disease, weight gain, and depression. I know because I used to be one of them!

Let’s face it, with kids, family, and careers, we barely have time to sleep these days! That’s why I created a 5 part audio course to help moms take back control of their lives and make more room in their busy schedules for their health and well-being.

Mom Boss In Balance Coaching

1-on-1 Support for Mompreneurs

Are you a mom who is an entrepreneur, filled with passion and purpose to change the world, but feel like you are drowning in the day-to-day tasks of running a business and managing your family? The Mom Boss In Balance Coaching program, helps mom entrepreneurs to run their businesses and live in balance.

I know it may sound impossible, but when we work together, I will be your accountability partner to help you get your plan into action and guide you through the resistance that makes it difficult for moms to take time for themselves. Schedule your discovery call so we can chat about how I can play a part in helping you to make your wellness part of your business plan.

Need Something Else?

If your group or organization is need of a transformational speaker or workshop facilitator or podcast guest; our founder and Chief Wellness Officer LaKeisha Entsuah is available to serve you. Please complete the form below and let us know what you need.